resume template

Create a perfect Resume


  1. Edit the file in Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.
  2. If you add your photo, first convert it to a pdf
  3. Click the print button and convert the fillable pdf to simple pdf file.

In what format should the resume be submitted?

In any format, but a resume written in Word has its drawbacks, if it is checked by a specialist who is well versed in Word, he will easily understand at what level you are fluent in office programs. It is impossible to find this in PDF. PDF has additional advantages: it always opens all fonts, since all fonts follow the file automatically.

What size should a resume be?

A lot of information needs to be processed in the footage, so it is advisable to have the most compact document, the initial purpose of which is to attract attention.

What should the image look like in cv?

You don't need to pose or show different beautiful angles on your resume, it's better to have a serious image in the right proportions. This strategy is more beneficial.

Emotions on your resume?

Try to put less emotion and artistry into your resume, unless of course you ask for it directly, the fact is that the experienced eye often perceives such moments as weakness.