Shutterstock Commission Calculator

  This excel file can calculate the sales price and commission for your level, based on your earnings, you can change the formulas, the file has no password, Please watch the video to understand how the file works.   Video instruction     Download file  

small business accounting

  We are here to do your bookkeeping with finesse at a flat monthly fee that covers your needs. Maintain & balance Accounts. Catch up, clean up, or set up and reconcile your accounting records. Keep accurate records. Post debits and credits. Categorized documents. Taxation. Automation Experience : QuickBooks online to A2X ( eBay, Amazon ) QuickBooks online ( Zapier)  to  Airtable QuickBooks online to Power BI  Xero to QuickBooks online Airtable full service, database creation, scripts, we have a lifetime free service from Airtable because we were one of the first to start working with this wonderful service. We study all new technologies and can advise what is best for your business. Addition Experience:  Oris Accounting, RS, Fina, Superfin, 1C, Airtable, Zapier, Power BI, Excel, Access, SQL, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoho, Ninox, Google Tables (currently available in the U.S.), A Python Pandas, PDF to Excel for bank statments.

Excel weekly budget planner

You need a start date. The Excel spreadsheet will automatically create a calendar by week, week start date, and week end date 20 years in advance. You must convert monthly expenses or income to weekly expenses, for this, there is a special converter in each line of the income and expenses table. Excel spreadsheet will try to find the real logic for forecasting your finances. If you want to know your financial situation, do not be lazy to fill out the table every week. If we draw an analogy, then the table takes into account the speed of the car on a flat surface and does not take into account the ascent or descent. every week you will receive a forecast of how much you can save in a year. This will help you make better financial decisions or make fewer mistakes. all formulas are open and you can change them please watch the video carefully.   Video instruction     Download file   Monthly Budget Planner in Excel