inventory management in Excel

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Doing business in Excel is very easy, you work with a spreadsheet that can be calculated for every product and every buyer or seller. There is no need to create a name separately, Excel remembers your entries directly from the registry and suggests names without unnecessary manipulation, everything works like a notepad that can count. 

The Excel file calculates inventory balances, receivables, and payables, profit or loss from the sale of goods.
The user does not need to know to account. No special computer skills are required.
The file contains the Excel subtotals formula (totals) and a function for automatically updating the pivot table.
The user can also use the Excel file to calculate the family budget.
First of all, look at the demo file and understand how it works.

Please watch the video and see a schema showing the work logic of the file. This excel file was sold to a large number of businessmen and checked for errors, this is the easiest and cheapest way for accounting, the file was written by practitioners with 20 years of experience.


 Download file 

improved version: 

The extended version is different from the regular version. 
Calculates the cost by the weighted average method, taxes, inventory balances contain additional parameters, 
the cost of goods, the average selling price, the actual profit, the expected profit.