Search Commander Terms of Service

 Welcome to Search Commander !

Thanks for using my product and service. The Service provided by Kakhaber Omiadze  Search Commander author. 

Search Commander is not a Google product, the author is not affiliated with Google !!!

Search Commander is a product designed to work with files using search.

Search Commander cannot delete or corrupt your files.

Search Commander is a script that has been verified and it cannot steal information from you. please read Privacy Policy.

if you buy a license key it will work until add-on is published. If the add-on is removed the money is not refunded to the buyer.

The buyer can ask questions and get answers unlimitedly, if it concerns the work of Search Commander. You will not receive an answer to inadequate questions. No one cannot revoke your license key, including the author is your own.

Buy a license key only when you read the instruction, Privacy Policy , Quotas for Google Services , Terms of Service, tested the demo version and made sure that you need it.