Organization Project Planner


Organization Project Planner

Planer is a small software for managing projects in an organization.

The software is local and after purchase has a lifetime license key. the software is a tool for monitoring project execution, The program collects all documents together and makes it possible to see the whole picture.
After creating the Project you must attach the main contract
After creating the project, you need to create a plan for income and expenses

plan for income and expenses

each entry of plan have own journal for accrued and payment transactions , you must attach all documents about accrued transaction and about payment

you control planned, accrued and payment transactions

The "Projects" tab, showing the whole picture of the project. After completion of the project, all amounts must be equal to each other.

The Export tab allows you to export all transactions to Excel.

The Export

accrued transactions are an invoice, an agreement, all documents before payment, all payments first have an accrued document, and then a payment document. if the project does not have all the documents, you cannot close the project 100%.

The software saves all files in an internal database, you can send them to the donor organization to facilitate project verification.
the software has a designer function, you can add new functions without programing