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The course consists of four stages. You first study flatness and its design and then move on to concepts that simplify computational processes. The next step is to learn about relative linking, which will completely change your perception of information processing. The last stage concerns large-scale information processing facilities.

After 120 lessons, you master the program at an intermediate level (90% in offices generally know within 80-100 lessons).

After 240 lessons, you will become a strong professional.

After 348 lessons, you will fully master any program other than Visual Basic. You can arrange a design of any complexity, as conceived by the authors of the program. Combine Excel databases with other programs and create relative information models.

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Create a new file in Excel, lesson 1

Create a new file in Excel from templates, lesson 2

How to save file in excel, lesson 3

Always save Excel files in the same folder, lesson 4

How open excel file, lesson 5

How to print excel file, lesson 6

How to password protect excel file, lesson 7

How to remove password from excel file, lesson 8

How to rewind the action back and forth in Excel, lesson 9

How to select all cells in Excel lesson 10

Copy, cut and paste cells in Excel, lesson 11

Alt key in excel, lesson 12

Find Excel file author, created date, size, last printed or modified date, lesson 13

How to insert a formula in excel, lesson 14

How to align content in Excel cells, lesson 15

Underline or double underline, content in excel cells, lesson 16

How to make content bold or italic in an Excel cell, lesson 17

How to add an auto-numbering to content using Excel intellect lesson 18

How display content in cells with different fonts and sizes in excel, lesson 19

How Display text in excel cells with strikethrough and change font color, lesson 20

How to display content in Excel cells in superscript and subscript, lesson 21

How to create a simple table (range) in excel, lesson 22

How to change excel cell border style, lesson 23

Diagonal line in Excel cells, lesson 24

Different Colors of Excel Cell Borders, lesson 25

how to merge cells in excel, lesson 26

How to slant text in an Excel cell, lesson 27

Move (horizontally) text in excel cells, lesson 28

Wrap extra-long text in multiple lines of excel cell, lesson 29

Copy Excel cell with or without design, lesson 30

Copy Excel cell without border formation, lesson 31

Copy Excel cell with border formation lesson 32

Copy and change the horizontal formula to vertical in excel, lesson 33

How to copy Excel cell values (results) without formulas, lesson 34

How to copy excel cell design without formulas and values and absolute cell references, lesson 35

Connect excel cell to image, lesson 36

Excel cell format painter, lesson 37

Using excel paste special menu, lesson 38

Dynamic copying excel cells, without loss of connection, lesson 39

Copy vertical excel table to horizontal, lesson 40

Copy Excel cell with format change and value multiplication, lesson 41

How to compare two columns in excel, lesson 41-1

How to change decimal point value in excel cell, lesson 42

How to change number value in excel cell to currency, lesson 43

Automatically change Excel cell design if value exceeds specified, Lesson 44

Change Excel cell design if value is outside specified range of numbers, lesson 45

Change the design of an Excel cell if the text value partially matches the given text, lesson 46

Change the format of the excel table, if the cell contains specific piece of text, lesson 47

Change the format of the table, if the excel cell contains specific dates , lesson 48

how to find duplicates in excel, lesson 49

How to visualize dynamically top numbers in excel, lesson 50

How to highlight bottom cell values in excel, lesson 51

How to automatically extract the largest values from a table in Excel using percentages, Lesson 52

How to highlight above average values from a table, lesson 53

How to highlight Below average values from a table, lesson 54

Show numbers in excel cell as loading bar, lesson 55

The changeable color scale in excel numeric values, lesson 56

The changeable icons in excel numeric values, lesson 57

How to display excel table in 2 colors by number value, lesson 58

How to change excel cell format by true or false value, lesson 59

How to change excel cell format if the cell is empty or filled, lesson 60

Change the format of the table if the cells are equal to each other, Lesson 61

Change the format of the cell table if the content is on a specific date Lesson 62

Gallery of Excel table designs Lesson 63

Add your own design to the Excel table designs gallery lesson 64

Gallery of excel cell designs lesson 65

Add your own design to the excel cell designs gallery lesson 66

insert or remove columns and rows on the excel worksheet lesson 67

Insert new excel Worksheet lesson 68

–°hange the height of all excel cells lesson 69

Automatically –°hange the height of all excel cells lesson 70

–°hange the width of all excel cells lesson 71

Hide or unhide excel cells lesson 72

Hide or unhide excel worksheet lesson 73

Rename excel worksheet, change color of worksheet button lesson 74

Copy or delete Excel worksheet lesson 75

how to lock cells in excel, lesson 76

Unprotect Excel sheet lesson 77

Excel Cell protection and blocking second way lesson 78

Simple way to sum, average, number of excel cells, maximum, minimum lesson 79

Copy adjacent excel cells lesson 80

Create numeric series in excel lesson 81

Create date series in Excel lesson 82

Automatically fill all cells vertically in Excel lesson 83

Justify the text into columns in Excel lesson 84

Extracting the desired value from text in Excel (flash fill), lesson 85

Create Excel cell and sheet Links lesson 86

Links between Excel cells lesson 87

Create web links and file links in a Excel worksheet lesson 88

Create email links on a Excel sheet lesson 89

Excel Cell cleaning functions lesson 90

Find images and information online from a Excel worksheet lesson 91

Synchronous or asynchronous sorting of Excel tables lesson 92

Sorting the Excel table columns by more parameters lesson 93

Creating a Excel table filter lesson 94

Fastest way to create a Excel table filter lesson 95

Excel Table color filters lesson 96

Excel Filter by font color lesson 97

Excel Filter by date lesson 98

Excel Filter by text lesson 99

Excel Filter by numbers, lesson 100

Clear all Excel filters lesson 101

Search in a Excel workbook or sheet lesson 102

Search only in the selected design in Excel lesson 103

Search in Excel formulas, lesson 104

Find and replace text in Excel, lesson 105

Find and replace Excel cell format, lesson 106

Select all the desired field types in Excel, lesson 107

pivot tables in excel, lesson 108

Create a pivot table from templates in Excel, lesson 109

Change the format of pivot table cells in Excel, lesson 110

Show pivot table data details in Excel, lesson 111

Add a new dimension unit to the Excel table, lesson 112

Extend Pivot Table Data Source in Excel, Lesson 113

Add a calculated field to a Excel pivot table, lesson 114

Add slicer to Excel pivot table, lesson 115

Give name to Excel pivot table, lesson 116

Choice of design for adding report fields in Excel, lesson 117

Create new sheets from excel pivot table filter, lesson 118

Gradient fill in a Excel pivot table, lesson 119

Remove calculated field in Excel pivot table, lesson 120

Show or hide grand totals in a Excel pivot table, lesson 121

Show the difference between sales per month in a Excel pivot table, lesson 122

Change number format with colored arrows in Excel pivot table, lesson 123

Group rows in a Excel pivot table, lesson 124

Insert timeline into Excel pivot table, lesson 125

Excel Pivot charts, lesson 126

Difference between table and range in Excel. (Excel Smart table with name), lesson 127

Add rows to Excel smart table, lesson 128

Difference between smart table and range formulas in Excel, lesson 129

Convert smart table to range in Excel, lesson 130

Converting a smart table to a pivot table in Excel, lesson 131

how to remove duplicates in excel, lesson 132

Add slicer to Excel smart table, lesson 133

Rename excel slicer change slicer design, lesson 134

Smart Table style options, add totals, hide table name, lesson 135

Change number formats of an Excel smart table, lesson 136

How the excel slicer works, remove slicer, lesson 137

Hide Excel slicer when printing sheet, lesson 138

Excel slicer advanced settings, lesson 139

Hide excel slicer from sheet, lesson 140

insert a pixel image into a Excel sheet, lesson 141

insert vector image into Excel sheet, lesson 142

Remove pixel image background in Excel, lesson 143

Pixel image background removal tools in Excel, lesson 144

Adjusting the sharpness, brightness, contrast of the image in Excel, lesson 145

Changing the color temperature and saturation of an image in Excel, lesson 146

Artistic image effects in Excel, lesson 147

How to Compress pictures in Excel, lesson 148

Replace or reset the picture in Excel, lesson 149

Change the borders of the image in Excel, lesson 150

Image layouts in Excel, lesson 151

Bring image to front or back in Excel, lesson 152

Align images in Excel, lesson 153

Snap image to the grid in Excel, lesson 154

Group images in Excel, lesson 155

resize, rotate and restore image settings in excel, lesson 156

Insert image into SmartArt in Excel, lesson 157

How to extract image (media) files from Excel, lesson 157 -1

Edit vector image in Excel, lesson 158

Vector drawing in Excel, lesson 159

Change shapes in Excel, lesson 160

Excel shape connecting lines, lesson 161

Insert text into the Excel shape, lesson 162

Lock Excel shape drawing mode, lesson 163

Shape formula, link cell to shape in Excel, lesson 164

Resizing a vector object, freezing, while growing cells in Excel, lesson 165

Repeating the style of one vector object for other objects in Excel, lesson 166

Replace shape without change text, disable wrap text in Excel, lesson 167

Create a tree in Excel SmartArt, lesson 168

Insert text to create tree in SmartArt in Excel, lesson 169

Shape formula, link cell to SmartArt in Excel, lesson 170

Screenshots from active windows in Excel, lesson 171

Install add-ins in Excel, lesson 172

Remove add-ins from Excel, lesson 173

Manage Excel add-ins, lesson 174

Create Chart in Excel, lesson 175

Extend Chart Data Resource in Excel, lesson 176

Chart parameters in Excel, lesson 177

Rename the source columns of the chart in Excel, lesson 178

Chart additional legend options in Excel, lesson 179

Create pivot table and chart at the same time in Excel, lesson 180

Create Sparkline in Excel, lesson 181

Sparkline high and low points in Excel, lesson 182

Maximum value of the Sparkline along the vertical axis in Excel, lesson 183

Grouping Sparkline's in Excel, lesson 184

A quick way to analyze data in Excel, lesson 185

Resize by clicking in Excel, lesson 186

Page header and footer in Excel, lesson 187

Add page numbers in Excel, lesson 188

Add information to the header and footer of the page in Excel, lesson 189

Another heading on the first page in Excel, lesson 190

Different titles on odd and even pages in Excel, lesson 191

Scale footer with a document in Excel, lesson 192

Automatically align header and footer with document in Excel, lesson 193

WordArt in Excel, lesson 194

Insert a signature into a Excel document, lesson 195

insert a different type of file in Excel, lesson 196

Math input control in Excel, lesson 197

Insert symbols in Excel, lesson 198

Page Layout Design Gallery in Excel, Lesson 199

Saving Your Own Page Layout in Excel, Lesson 200

Page margin settings in Excel, Lesson 201

Rotate page, portrait, and landscape in Excel, Lesson 202

List of page printing standards in Excel, Lesson 203

Print only selected areas in Excel, Lesson 204

Page break split the printed page from the selected point to a new page in Excel, Lesson 205

Change the background of the sheet in Excel, lesson 206

Show grid lines in print area in Excel, lesson 207

Black and white printing in Excel, lesson 208

Remove color and borders when printing, draft quality in Excel, lesson 209

Printing with Row and Column Headers in Excel, lesson 210

Print with comment in Excel, lesson 211

Print everything on one page in Excel, lesson 212

Sequence of printing pages in Excel, lesson 213

Simple repetition of a table heading when printing in Excel, lesson 214

Find and insert function in Excel, lesson 215

SUM function, how select cell segments in Excel, lesson 216

AVERAGE function in Excel, lesson 217

COUNT function, count cells in Excel, lesson 218

MAX function in Excel, lesson 219

MIN function in Excel, lesson 220

if function in Excel, lesson 221

SUMIF function in Excel, lesson 222

SUMIFS function in Excel, lesson 223

TODAY function show today's date in Excel, lesson 224

HUPERLINK function in Excel, lesson 225

ROUND function in Excel, lesson 226

UPPER function in Excel, lesson 227

LOWER function in Excel, lesson 228

COUNTIF function in Excel, lesson 229

How many days between dates, Excel, lesson 230

How to freeze the dynamics of a formula in one cell, Excel lesson 231

Cell math operations in Excel, lesson 232

The cell is dynamically equal to the cell, dynamic concatenation of cells in Excel, lesson 233

Make formulas with one click in Excel, lesson 234

vlookup in excel, lesson 235

how to separate names in excel, lesson 236

Object Neighbor Naming in Excel, lesson 237

Naming from the TOP row in Excel, lesson 238

Different naming techniques in Excel, lesson 239

Object name as a dynamic concept in Excel, lesson 240

Object name in links, Excel lesson 241

Show formulas in Excel cells, lesson 242

Show related formulas in Excel, lesson 243

Find errors in related formulas in Excel, lesson 244

Create a Change Monitoring Window in Excel, lesson 245

Compare changes between file versions in Excel, lesson 246

Pause calculation of formulas in Excel, lesson 247

Show hide main menu in Excel, lesson 248

Insert a table from the internet in Excel, lesson 249

Insert a table in excel from MS Access, lesson 250

Only write predefined numeric values in the Excel cell, lesson 251

Control text input in Excel cell, lesson 252

Control date input in Excel cell, lesson 253

how to create a drop down list in excel, lesson 254

insert checkbox in Excel, lesson 254-1

Call entry error message in Excel, lesson 255

Delete cell entry rules in Excel, lesson 256

Show cells with violation of input rules in Excel, lesson 257

Sum of Values with Consolidation Vertical Table in Excel, lesson 258

Sum of values with consolidation horizontal table in Excel, lesson 259

Sum of values with consolidation, create link to source data in Excel, lesson 260

Split text into columns using a delimiter in Excel, lesson 261

Split text into columns using a text length in Excel, lesson 262

Copy the filtered table through the advanced filter in Excel, lesson 263

Planning in Excel (planning tool), lesson 264

Show all calculation scenarios on a new sheet in Excel, lesson 265

Convert all calculation scenarios to a pivot table in Excel, lesson 266

A tool in Excel that calculates how much is needed to get the desired result, lesson 267

Loan calculator, PMT function in Excel, lesson 268

Scaling simple logic from another formula in Excel, Lesson 269

Scaling complex logic in Excel from another formula, lesson 270

Create a forecast worksheet in Excel, lesson 271

Forecast table design in Excel, lesson 272

Forecast tables more options in Excel, lesson 273

Grouping data, creating a tree in Excel, lesson 274

Spell Checker in Excel, lesson 275

Synonym dictionary in Excel, lesson 276

Worksheet statistics in Excel, lesson 277

Detecting stylistic errors in Excel, lesson 278

Translate content in Excel, lesson 279

Display all comments at once in Excel, lesson 280

Protect an Excel sheet using administrator rights, lesson 281

Disappearing unused cells in Excel, lesson 282

Hide or show sheet gridlines in Excel, lesson 283

Hide or show the formula bar in Excel, lesson 284

Hide or show headings in Excel, lesson 285

Enlarge or reduce a sheet in Excel, lesson 286

Freeze the first column in Excel, lesson 287

Freeze top row in Excel, lesson 288

how to freeze a row in excel, lesson 289

Split sheet in Excel, lesson 290

Repeat actions through macros in Excel, Lesson 291

Repeat the path using a macro in Excel, lesson 292

How to create a relational model in Excel, lesson 293

Excel Relational model, Foreign key, lesson 294

Relative connection of two Excel tables one to many, lesson 295

Pivot Table from Related tables in Excel, lesson 296

How to Enable Power Pivot in Excel, lesson 297

How Power Pivot Manager shows the relative connected tables in Excel, lesson 298

The relational model between three tables in Excel, lesson 299

How Power Pivot Manager shows the relative connections between three tables in Excel, lesson 300

How to Add a new calculated field to the Power pivot manager, Excel, lesson 301

How the Pivot Table shows the calculated field from the Power pivot manager Excel, lesson 302

Add new calculated fields Cost and Profit in Power pivot Manager, Excel lesson 303

Add measures from Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 304

Add measure Total Profit from Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 305

Add measure Average profit per Customers Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 306

How show the profit for each customer in a relative pivot table, Excel lesson 307

Key Performance indicator KPIs, Excel lesson 308

Add a slicer and pivot chart for relative pivot table, Excel lesson 309

The ability to import data and dynamic connections in Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 310

Hide appearance of table columns in Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 311

Add calendar table to the data model, Excel lesson 312

Adding Pivot Tables and Charts from Power Pivot Manager, Excel lesson 313

Synonyms are used to easily eliminate demand in different terminology, Excel lesson 314

Import the file into a worksheet in Excel, lesson 315

Power Query Editor filter the entry we don't need, Excel lesson 316

Remove the column in the query Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 317

Getting two new columns from one query column has been split Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 318

Change the name of the column in the query Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 319

Change the type of the column in the query Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 320

Create a new column, column minus column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 321

Add a number to all values in a column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 322

Get a new column with math operations on another column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 323

Add a column using the if operator Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 324

Add an index column to the query Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 325

Convert text to uppercase in a query column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 326

Ways to influence the text of a query column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 327

Combine query columns Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 328

Different Ways to Affect Query Column Data Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 329

Split date column Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 330

View Power Query Editor functions, Excel lesson 331

Move the query from the Power Query Editor to the Excel sheet, lesson 332

Hide or show query columns, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 333

Grouping of query, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 334

Navigate between the sheet and Power Query, display query settings on the sheet, Excel lesson 335

Ways to influence rows in a query, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 336

Replace column values, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 337

The data source of query and access rights, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 338

Add new Data source, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 339

Change query properties, update rate, connection type, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 340

Exporting a query file, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 341

Duplicate a query, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 342

Create a new query based on the existing query, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 343

Combine existing queries or add one to the other, Power Query Editor, Excel lesson 344

A query submitted with Power Query , Excel lesson 345

Index function in Excel, lesson 346

How to create difficult if logic in Excel, lesson 347

How to extract information from illogical (difficult) lists, Excel lesson 348

importing and merging files into excel from a folder, lesson 349

How to create tests in Excel and Google sheets, lesson 350