budget excel template


Excel Budget Planner

An Excel file allows you to pre-plan a business process and control its execution.

The first column of the budget planning form includes a predetermined amount of income and expenses desired for each month. At the top of the file are the expected profit or loss for a single month and a separate year. The second column of the form relates to the actual implementation of planned revenues and expenses. All deviations between plan and reality are reflected in the third column of the form.

The three results shown at the top of the column for the month show you: 1) profit/loss for the month and year 2) actual profit/loss for the month and year 3) deviation between the planned and actual profit/loss for the month and year. The difference column shows the reasons for the differences between income and expenses.

This approach will help you identify positive or negative points in your business in a timely manner. Implement revenue and expense planning. The goal is to reduce the number of red indicators every month.

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