Warship go

warship go

On February 24, 2022, the Russian flagship cruiser Moskva and the patrol boat Vasily Bykov launched an assault on Zmeiny Island, a Ukrainian island in the Black Sea. It is a small island with a single village of fewer than 30 people and at the time of the attack, there was a contingent of 13 border guards. "Moscow" called on the soldiers to surrender in exchange for their safety, which the defenders categorically refused.

The exchange, which took place in Russian, was translated as:

Russian warship: “Snake Island, I, a Russian warship, repeat the offer: lay down your arms and surrender, otherwise, you will be bombed. Do you understand me? Are you copying?

Ukrainian 1 Ukrainian 2: “Then that's it. Or do we need to dump them?"

Ukrainian 2 to Ukrainian 1: "You can."

Ukrainian 1: "Russian warship, fuck you."